Many parents ask us " why is it necessary to send a child to a preschool?". Preschools have become a key stage in the development of a child for the following reasons :

  • The child gets into the discipline of attending a school. This makes the transition into a formal school much easier both for the child as well as the parent.
  • The child learns to interact with other children , hence he/she overcomes shyness.
  • The child gets to learn the basics of education such as basic mathematics / language . Hence, it is much easier for a child who has attended preschool to get admission to a formal school.
  • There is development of the child’s fine as well as large motor skills, leading to better physical development of the child.
  • It is been proven scientifically that children absorb more at an early age.
  • Our sole aim is to nurture logical curiosity through engaging and enquiry-led education.
  • We encourage students to work in parallel and collaboratively as they show creativity and innovation in their approach to solving troubles.
  • Kids are always provided with a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment, facilitating them the courage to take planned risks and to learn and progress from feedback.

WHY Choose DSC Public School ?

Now that you have decided to send your child to a preschool, the next question is " Why DSC PUBLIC SCHOOL?".

  • DSC Public School has the best-in-class curriculum developed by our experts.
  • More than 8 years of experience in the field of education.
  • We follow a combination of the Montessori as well play-way method. This combination is available only with select preschools and is found to be most conducive for learning.
  • Latest teaching aids and assessment techniques (V.T.M.)
  • World class facilities offered at all DSC KIDS centres. The Montessori equipment used is the very latest and is upgraded regularly.
  • Each DSC KIDS centre is airy and spacious , giving the child a feeling of open space.
  • Affordable fee structure.
  • Fully air conditioned hi-tech class rooms.
  • Scientific analysis throughout the year by R&D team.
  • Admissions taken throughout the year.
  • Flexibility in choosing your term and batch.
  • Healthy Teacher to Student ratio ensures each child is given individual attention.
  • Regular feedback sessions done with parents to keep them updated on the child’s progress.
  • Last but not the least, our teachers are all trained in early child care and are passionate about both teaching as well as children. They are the key differentiating factor which makes DSC KIDS special.
  • As your child complete his primary education, academic results allowing entry into first choice for high schools is the first sign of an education at DSC Public School.
  • However, we feel we have really succeeded when your child realizes a love or feel affection for of learning that will make certain they never stop their educational expedition.
  • This, tangled with the innate sense of self-assurance adhering to a strong set of principles, offers your kid the tools they need no matter where they choose to focus their talents.