Salient Features

Salient Features of DSC Public School:


Here we provide a traditional, holistic, value-for-money, globally biased, education for internationally orientated parents.

  • An international curricular framework, which emphasizes a learner, centered education; human centered development; knowledge centered society, and an innovation centered India.
  • More than 12 years of experience
  • The curriculum, syllabus and training methodology are at par with the international standard
  • Latest teaching aids and assessment techniques (VTM)
  • Optimum teacher pupil ratio of 1:15
  • Learning aids and activity tools have been designer by specialist
  • Well experienced, trained and highly dedicated staff
  • Highly safe and eco-friendly environment
  • Fully computer-based audio & vedio visual teaching aids
  • Individual attention to excel in all spheres of career
  • Highly Trained Faculty
  • Effective Communication Tool via SMS
  • Medical checkup
  • Yoga
  • Skeeting
  • Dancing
  • Art and Craft Workshop
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Toys and Audio Visual Library
  • Doll House / Play House
  • Project Exhibition
  • A Comprehensive Educational Program which integrates the best in our philosophy and culture with academic education.

We envision the DSC that:

  • Focus upon a education community working considerately to assist each kid to succeed at the utmost level possible;
  • Focus upon a education process with elevated expectations for each kid as a member of a democratic civilization;
  • Value each kid as a whole individual within an atmosphere of respect and acceptance for person differences;
  • Collaborate with equals to apply proven, effective classroom education strategies and management practices to improve student learning.
  • Demonstrate quality through character education by providing an assortment of opportunities and encouraging participation by all.
  • Dedicated to keeping parents informed about their progress of student and seek opportunities to incite their active support of DSC Public School and its student's.
  • Committed to developing and enhancing the teaching strategies through proficient development.

Guidelines For Parents 

  • Parent-teacher co-operation and contact are essential for harmonious and complete development of the personality of student. Cautious planning, regular vigilance and guidelines on the part the Parents or Guardians pay wealthy dividends. Please observe the following points in the interest of your wards:
  • Make use of the school diary as a means of communication with the teacher and check the diary for the homework.
  • See that your kid has all the text books, stuff of stationery, Craft materials, and so on exact in the beginning of the session.
  • Make sure that your ward comes to the school in proper uniform with polished shoes, clean nails and trimmed hair.
  • Send the kids regularly and punctually to the school. No nonattendance will be permitted without a the application of leave.
  • Both the Parents ought to attend the Parent-Teacher Meetings on specific dates.
  • Notice and sign the test papers/copies as and when sent house. Collect the grade Report for the Class – Teacher individually.
  • Contact the school in case of change in address, contact numbers.
  • Help in developmental tasks of the school whenever needed.
  • Do not sent the kid to school in case of a communicable disease and a medical certificate should be provided from a competent authority at the time or rejoining the school after ill health.