Methods & Skills



Most adults have affectionate memories of their kindergarten or other basic grade teachers. DSC KIDS School represents many first introductions of children to formal learning. From the ages of about 4 to 11, students are taught many essential skills from a series of teachers. We make every possible effort in finding the best teaching methods and strategies to encourage learning and create a comfortable education system.

We believe that the foundations for successful careers are laid down at a very young age. Therefore at the DSC Public School we make sure that the child’s mind in its formative years is exposed to the right mix of fun and education.

We follow the Play way method of teaching. Here the child is taught to develop his / her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual acumen.

We make use active listening as a teaching method in assisting kids who might not have the verbal skills needed to completely express themselves. Our active listening method is similar to play-by-play games casting in that teachers illustrate activities and behaviors to children while they are performing the deed. These active listening techniques also help during an exchange between kids when feelings are not appropriately expressed. Not only does lively listening assist with resolving quarrels in the classroom, but it also helps in teaching by stream directions and guidelines to primary students.

Constructive feedback by teachers offers direct praise for a job well done of students. By incorporating constructive feedback systems into the classroom, teachers recognize children when they are on job or following directions. This response also encourages other children to follow the lead of the student receiving the praise. This method of praising a child for good behavior is considerably more impactful than punishment for a kid who is having complexity following the rules.




All the DSC KIDS School curriculum and activities are conducted in a non-competitive environment, where the teachers carefully guide the development of the child's academic and social skills.

Our proficient teachers focus on the trust and interest of the children in each other as a teaching system. This method of Peer teaching supports children to help each other and work in a group. If one student is excelling in an area where another child is having complexity, teaming the two for a mutual project encourages them to learn from one other. Peer teaching method at DCS Public School is accomplished with personal projects that are then accessible to classroom peers.

We teach students that working together can promote learning and sociality among children. It is done by creating work charts or classroom lists which is a way to list and track every day duties that need to be completed. We allow the children to select who is in-charge for the day and who will complete particular tasks on the list. A system of working in a group encourages harmony of the classroom and allows children to take turns being in charge of a job. This further can build self-respect and encourage communication level of your kid.