The belief that education will change the world is what makes DSC PUBLIC SCHOOL a better place to learn. DSC PUBLIC SCHOOL differentiates itself from other schools in philosophies and ideologies. At DSC PUBLIC SCHOOL we believe the importance of curricular activities along with academics.

The objective of an educational institution is to make responsible citizens out of the sharp minds. The school seeks to blend academics with physical training and knowledge. This not only helps in creating sharp minds but transforming each student into an asset for the country.

DSC PUBLIC SCHOOL is a part of Adwin Group, which was started with an aim to provide a world-class education for the future growth of the young generation. With futuristic developments in the mind, we have Preschools, Middle School and Senior school facility. We are one of India’s fastest growing certified chains of schools that have set a benchmark in the field of education and imparting knowledge.

The curriculum at DSC PUBLIC SCHOOL is designed to inculcate multi-dimensional learning. We believe that each student is unique in terms of creativity, interests, and approach to learning. Hence, we instill new methods of teaching with customized methods. We strive to conceptualize new approaches and make every student capable of coping with the upcoming challenges.

With the immaculate teaching, we carve the careers of the children. Our compassionate and ethical training helps the kids to become a nature lover, a well-balanced individual, a successful professional and more than above a responsible human being.

Our teachers are well-trained and extremely understanding. They have a dynamic approach towards teaching. We conduct various workshops in collaboration with the esteemed teachers to shape the creative minds.

DSC PUBLIC SCHOOL strives to set a new benchmark in education by providing world-class amenities in the form of best education and training.


Our Vision

We strive to create sharp minds to make responsible citizens in the future. Our vision is to shape the future of the young kids to make them more disciplined and confident to take challenges of future. The objective of mixing technology with practical teaching is to inculcate responsibility, understanding, and dynamic problem-solving approach among the kids.

Our Mission

At DSC PUBLIC SCHOOL, our mission is to provide an ideal platform for learning with comprehensive methods. We believe in nurturing and fostering the intellectual abilities to develop self-confidence in the children. We encourage in inculcating a sense of values and purity in thoughts among the children and make them future-ready.